How to make Vodka Jelly


Fruit jelly (choose your flavour preference – Strawberry, Rasberry,
Orange or Lime work well)
Vodka (cheap or quality brand Vodka, either will do)
Boiled Water
Cold Water

How to make Vodka Jelly

There are many suggested ways to make Vodka Jelly on the internet but
this method has given the best results.
Mix the jelly as recomended on the packaging but only using 3/4 or 75%
of the recommended liquid.


If a pint of water is recomended then follow this process to make your Vodka Jelly.
Boil 1/4 pint of water and mix the jelly in a bowl.
Add 1/4 pint of Vodka to 1/4 pint of cold water in a container.
Let the jelly mix cool slightly before pouring in the Vodka and cold water.(To prevent the alcohol evaporating)
Pour the finished Vodka Jelly mix into your chosen containers.
Containers can be ice cube containers, shot glasses, paper cups, ice cube bags or even a Vodka Jelly Bowl.
The container needs to be placed into the fridge to set. The time to set Vodka Jelly will depend on your fridge temerature, the amount of vodka in the Vodka Jelly, and the size of the containers. Ideally it is best letting the Vodka Jelly set overnight or at least a few hours.

WARNING: Do not drive after eating this – very small amounts can make you light-headed.
WARNING: Be careful not to leave Vodka Jelly in the fridge where children can get it. The Vodka Jelly looks like normal jelly but is defenitely not for consumption by children.