Cheap Vodka in Ireland

One of the cheapest around at the moment is Kirov vodka, E15.99 for a 700ml bottle. Another one a lot of the smaller offies do is Glens, for E16.99. Both are 37.5% strength but neither are great quality. The two best value vodkas around at the moment are Finlandia and Russian Standard. Both are proper 40% strength. Finlandia 700ml seems to be on special offer everywhere, ranging from E17.99 in Super Valu to E19.99 in independent offies (its RRP is E23.99). Its a seriously good price for a quality vodka. Russian Standard is the top selling vodka in Russia. Most offies have a current sale on this brand. The 700ml is on offer at E19.99 (RRP E24.99) and the 500ml is excellent value at E14.99 (RRP E19.99). This product is not long in the Irish market and has been slow to take off. But having drank it myself i can positively say its one of the better tasting vodkas out there. Russian Standard Platinum is even better again but you’ll have to splash out E30 or more for that beauty.